Sunday, 17 June 2007

A poem from my eldest daughter

She is so wonderful - Do you think I'm biased?
This is a poem she was asked to write for an English assignment;

A Glory No More

There we trudge like a plague of snails,
Are backs are ruptured and our faces pale,
Slumping, marching, marching, slumping,
The sight of shelter has my heart thumping,
Many weary soldiers are falling back,
But we still carry on, like a mad wolf pack,
Our hands and feet have gorges for wounds,
And our poor heads are killing, I hope they cure us soon,
"GAS!,GAS!Put your helmets on quick"
Our gas masks are really not very slick,
My comrades have finally got their helmets on,
But one poor man is drowning from the bomb,
The gas is thick now, like a fog,
This ghastly green is almost like smog,
My friend!My friend!My dear, dear friend,
I can't help you now!
I will remember you till the end!
The stretcher bearers come running now,
How can this happen?Oh how,how, HOW?!
His body is choking from the deadly gases,
His body will be buried among other carcasses,
Oh, look at the blood, the gore, the horror!
I wonder when they will tell his dear old mother?
With every jolt and bump from the wagon,
The mucus spurts out like fire from a dragon,
If you had been here on this horrifying day,
You would know and understand what I have to say,
To die for your country is a glory no more,
Its just terrifying, horrifying, this bloody, pathetic war.
Written by C.M (age 13)


Akelamalu said...

C is a clever girl, without doubt. :)

Queenie said...
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Queenie said...

Sorry that was me, I put lovely words and didn't mean that at all.
What I wanted to say was moving words, and how very proud you must be? Popped over via a friends blog, enjoyed my visit.

Helen said...

Thank you both very much for your comments, C is very chuffed!!!
She has just told me that she got an A+ for it! Wahey...

Akelamalu said...

Love the picture H! BTW you know queenie!

Dan's Fi-ver said...

She is a clever one that C - glad to read that all's ok.

You can blame akelamalu for directing me to your corner of the web. I'm also glad to hear you're now a Post Office ;-)

Grandma sue said...

What a beautifull poem by C, it brought tears to my eyes. She is very talented - I should know! - Grandma sue