Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Hello World!!!

This is the first time I've ever had a Blog...its quite exciting.

I'll let you all know a little bit about myself - we shall call it a mini-biography, PLEASE feel free to skip down the page if you feel yourselves nodding off.

I was born in North Yorkshire, in England in December 1976. This makes me a Sagitarian, I know, lucky right? It comes at a price though, a tendency to attract fat to ones bottom and thighs. I wonder if this is why the centaur has a horses rear end? Sorry to all you beautifully toned 'Saggies' out there.

I was born into a Royal Air Force family, hence all the traveling I could ever have hoped for.


RUTH said...

Think I must be a closet Sagitarian....I have fat magnets on my bottom and thighs. Welcome to blogland.

Helen said...

Hello Ruth,
Thanks for having a peek at my blog. I've never had one before and I didn't realise how addictive they are! I'm really sorry to hear about Chris (I had a peek on your blog). I can't imaging what you have been through and my thoughts are with you.
It is really nice to see how much you love gardening and I didn't realise that the plant that has been strangling some of my others away was a campanula, thanks for that.
You may have sagitarian rising somewhere in your birth chart!!! LOL :)