Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Fortune shines down...

Good day to all,

I've had a tiring day today, what with labouring for S and all. I got a little too giddy with the gloss paint in a corner, and after all that lots of tiny little flies decided to take a vacation on the beautiful glossed beaches of 'Deathdom'. There's a holiday that they wont forget!
We had a power cut too, well the house we were working on had one. Our end of the village is fine, their end of the village is out...weird. They must be on a different substation to us.
I phoned our chip shop to see if they were able to feed us and he replied "I can't make my own tea, never mind yours!" We get on really well with them, Christmas cards and everything - do you think we may have a poor diet????

Some more good news;
C came first for the girls in high-jump1!Yay! She represented the school last year in the Cheshire finals and came 3rd over all. It must be those long legs.

E came first in a practice sack race and wellie throwing competition, it must have been all those sacks I put her in when she was a baby... if there are any social workers reading this I was only joking :)

S and me have decided that once all of his family and friend contracts are up we are going to buy our 2nd house to do up and sell. I'm so excited.
I've been waiting for that decision to be made for about 10 years, I reckoned eventually he would have as much confidence in himself as I had in him - but come on - ten years!!!
Anyway, decision done.
Time for life to grant my wishes. I will let everyone know in horrendous detail how the project goes.


Akelamalu said...

Chippy teas - lovely!
Well done C and E in the sports!
Good luck in the search for a house to do up, you and C make a great team!
PS I am now a social worker!;)

Queenie said...

How exciting, can't wait to see how your plans go along.
C and E should be ready for the 2012 Olympic Games, is there a wellie- throwing race??

Akelamalu said...

Has Grandma Sue got a blog? What the url?