Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Back at it

Back to more or less normal...well, if you can call me normal.

Whilst currently and continuously researching religions for my website, I found myself making some connections with them. I was thinking "These all seem to be vessels that allow people's spirit to flow in and through". I think maybe we are all getting caught up in the fine print of our religions and forgetting that we can express our spirit fully within that faith. Nearly the whole planet has a religion of one sort or another. That means that nearly the whole planet believes that there is more to life than can be seen with the naked eye. Those of us who are spiritual people, from all denominations and faiths (remember this is nearly the whole planet, even those who read the 'star sign' bit of the paper) are able to use the vehicle of faith to express our spirit/soul. I think this is quite cool, don't you?
What I have also realised is that the 'Major world religions' all have the same message, but with slightly different emphasis on different elements within it. I honestly didn't know! Am I a little bit thick here or did anyone else not know that Christianity, Judaism and Islam started out with Abraham and Moses, closely followed by Jesus?
The massacres that are happening all over the world are largely Religiously fueled, each Faith believes that they are the ones that are RIGHT, but of course they all think they are right because they are all singing from the same song sheet, its just that the paper its printed on is a different colour!!!
How cross am I? All these years I was somewhere in the dark ages thinking that all the deaths and brutalities have occured because all these different religions were fighting with each other and all allong they are just different shades of the same thing...
Please post a comment, I may be going MAD!!!


Akelamalu said...

You got it honey! :)

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